The kennel called Dramijos was registered for the first time in 1979. That time it was founded by my father who was breeding the Caucasus shepherd sheep-dogs.

The name Dramijos is the combination of three names – Drahoslava – Milan – Josef. Drahoslava and Josef were my father´s parents and Milan is my father, i. e. DRA-MI-JOS.

My father´s breeding was doing very well and he shared significantly to improve and extend the breeding of this race in this country. If there had not been a group of rowdies who destroyed his breeding, built for many years, using pyro technique in several minutes (only for fun), I do believe his breeding could have continued successfully. However, my father was so upset and disgusted by this act that he made up his mind to finish this breeding.

After several years of no activity of our kennel I have decided to fulfill my child dream and have my own dog – Basset hound.

I have been fascinated by the race of Basset hound due to its absurd appearance, by the construction of its body and also by its quiet and peaceful character.

Afterwards the kennel has been registered from father to son – i. e. to me and I myself could begin to dedicate fully to breed this race of my dreams which is wonderful and noble.

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