Our kennel is situated on foothills of Eagles Mountains (Orlické Hory) in town of Rychnov nad Kněžnou which is usually called The Gate of Eagles Mountains.

Our bassets are mostly living outside, however, they have their own dog little house with the necessary accessories, is connected to the
 huge garden just for themselfs with a proper shelter. They stay in kennel only during night or when they are at home on their own but otherwise their outside so they can play as much as they want to. They are the real part of the family and true sweeties.
Dog house
(dog house (puppyroom) is a very practical for breeding puppies and comfortable for the all dog members throughout the year, there is a little kitchen there to prepare fresh meat, a bath for dogs´ bathing, a washing machine to wash the dog things and the space for dogs´ straw or a birth case; to reach even a better comfort their little house can be heated and the door has a valve to let them go out to the outside space without losing the inner warm)

The Basset hounds are very adaptable, they love long walks, and if they do not have them, they are satisfied when having a rest in the sun or on the sofa. They have plenty of walks in our place, they like walking in the forest but also to town. This can be seen whenever we cling with the lead, they are ready immediately to set out. In summer they cool themselves in water and they play in the free time or just relax in large garden. If possible, they are keen on travelling in the car or making a trip.
Dog birthday

We want our bassets to be healthy and fit so we care for their high-quality and balanced food. In my opinion, no grains can be compared with the high-quality, fresh and home-made food. This is the reason why our bassets have been fed based on Barf principles, which means to feed them with the natural (raw) food. We feed them using mostly beef, poultry, fish, venison and entrails with various garnishes, most often vegetables, cereals or rice. Pasta is also good and then some other natural supplements – herbs, sea-weed, dry brewery yiest (pangamin), kolagen, roboran and high-quality oil which is very important – e. g. salmon, berg. Oiive…. Fruit and vegetables – very important in Barfing – they contain plenty of needed vitamins and fibrous material. Our dogs sometimes get some yogurt or cottage-cheese. We feed them with the chicken bones, as the source of calcium. They like the marrow bones to play with and above all they clean their teeth and also give them the needed calcium. If we do not manage to prepare the fresh meat or if we travel, we use the high-quality dog tins or a smaller quantity of grains. I do not refuse the grains, I consider them as excellent and fast occasional substitute. People like eating delicious food and have various tastes and it is the same with dogs so why don´t give them the high-quality food when we wish them all the best and want them to live with us as long as possible.

We breed our pups with love and even when the female is pregnant we take care of her very much..When the pups are born we look after them all the time. After some time when they have to be at home(inside) we try to také them out to get them familliar with outdoors. We first take them for a short while and later we také them for longer so they can b ethere on their own all the time. We think that it is necessarry to prepare our pups for futur efor inside and outside as well. They can get familiar with new smells and tastes they find out chat is grass and wheather and all new things in their lives.We introduce them to other members of pack and all the visitors are more than welcome so our cheeky doggies get use to all the people..They are protected then for all situations they come across in their lives..

In three weeks time of their lives we start feeding them so their mother can stop feeding them herself..Our pups leave in 8 week time earliest when they can eat on their own and are socialized well.We give to new owners chipped with a international passport, properly vaccinated, wormed out..They get a little package for their journey with some instructions for new owners so they can read all the information about breeding and looking after their pups..We are allways more than happy to help as well..We are looking for news from new owners and we are happy to her from them..
Our puppies video clips
Only those who has never had a dog can’t understand how poor the life would be without them…
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